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Reviews:: legacy of kain: soul reaver   

6/9/2010, saturday
The game description "legacy of kain: soul reaver"

The previous part of a series has ended that bad blood-sicking uncle kain was established on ruins of nosgota. having received the power, kain has received also huge force. it to itself(himself) the six of lieutenants which were weaker than it, but is more feasible than other vampires, and has begun war with people. having won, the grey-haired vampire has constructed the huge furnace which smoke has closed the sun that vampires would live also in the afternoon.

- - - -
<> In a chasm - huge such lake without a bottom. and, as it is known, water for vampires is a death. and here, raziel for some reason has not died thanks to there is nobody ancient god who sat there, at the bottom, which all the same was. there years, the lieutenant has noticed that it has got a strange dark blue shade, its eyes have lighted up any devil fire, and the bottom jaw - that and has at all disappeared. and blood lust has turned to thirst of souls. having rolled up the mutilated forehead a banner of the clan, raziel has gone to manage revenge...

4 rbts.txt


Features of game:

  • Be fed with souls of your enemies
  • Investigate the huge three-dimensional world of nosgota, by filled 60 hours of gameplay
  • Per real time be switched between a material world and the worlds of spirits
  • Hunt on 5 various tribes of killing vampires, having armed with an arsenal of killing tools of near and far fight, and also using features of environment

The genre: Action (Shooter)/ 3D / 3rd Person

The publisher:Eidos Interactive

The developer: Crystal Dynamics



  • The processor - pentium 200 mhz (it is recommended - pentium ii, 266 mhz)
  • Operative memory - 32 mb (it is recommended - 64 mb)
  • Video - is recommended the card with support direct 3d 6

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