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Reviews:: legacy of kain: soul reaver 2   

6/9/2010, saturday
The game description "legacy of kain: soul reaver 2"

P, this absorber of souls, a plague of nosgota, is immortal. he is doomed to wander eternally between two worlds - material and spectral. its glory and a damnation - soul reaver. the sword-phantom is always chained to razielju, being an integral part of the former vampire - he cannot neither be thrown out, nor to lose. in any sense soul reaver is the live weapon, it possesses the will and feeling of hunger. the sword is allocated by terrible force, however it is necessary to pay for its power. with each blow thirst of fresh soul seizes a sword when it will reach a maximum more and more, soul reaver will start to eat at the expense of razielja, in the original image parasitizing and taking away energy necessary for volume from the owner. in the ruthless pursuit of kainom raziel all goes further and further to last nosgota. meeting shades of the forgotten era, it all sticks in a web of the destiny spread in times about which the history is silent more deeply. when its mission returns razielja to sources, it becomes clear that the small personal revenge turns to a heroic campaign on which outcome the future of the whole world depends.

4 rbts.txt

Загляни на этот ресурс, клуб Вулкан гарантирует бонусы.


A genre: Action / Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person

The publisher:Eidos Interactive

The developer: Crystal Dynamics



  • The processor - pentium iii, 450 mhz (it is recommended - 750 mhz)
  • Operative memory - 128 mb (it is recommended - 256 mb)
  • Video - a card with support direct 3d 8

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